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Lucy Sonson

Lucy qualified as an Osteopath in 2013 and moved to Saint Lucia to work in a specialist team of practitioners at a 5* health and wellness resort. Here she treated a wide range of patients from different backgrounds, from chronic pain & postural asymmetries to sporting injuries. She met practitioners from all over the world who taught her skills she still uses as part of her practice today. It was here she discovered her love of preventative medicine & yoga which are still very much the driving force behind her professional development.

After returning home to increase her knowledge in osteopathy and injury rehab she worked in a number of private clinics based in Tonbridge, London and Croydon.

Lucy is a structural osteopath and bases her treatments not only on the latest research but on evidence-based practice and the principles of osteopathy.

She is confident in treating patients of all ages, from all backgrounds and guiding them until they have all the tools they need for prevention. She believes in personalised care and will work with you to make sure you are completely comfortable with the treatment plan and that you fully understand the working diagnosis and any factors which may be preventing healing. She uses a range of hands on techniques from soft tissue massage & trigger point release to joint mobilisation and as part of your treatment Lucy may also prescribe rehab exercises. As an osteopath, hands on treatment is a large part of Lucy’s practice, however she believes that one cannot out-treat a poor lifestyle, therefore she will always guide her patients towards effective self-care.

As a musculoskeletal specialist Lucy can treat the whole body, however, she particularly enjoys treating back pain. She’s also passionate about teaching yoga & Pilates and believes that everyone can benefit from these practices.

Lucy Sonson


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Osteopathy is a health care approach which specialises in treating musculoskeletal problems and supporting well-being.

Osteopaths believe that the whole body will work well if it is in good structural balance, so as well as treating the problem area, we also try to identify and target other areas which may be contributing.

Treatment is tailored to each patient, with consideration of the problem within the context of your life and medical history.

Osteopathy can be helpful for a wide range of problems. Treatment may include gentle massage, stretching and movement of the joints and muscles, to help ease pain, encourage your body’s natural healing mechanisms, and promote health. Exercises and postural advice may also be given.

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